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Imagine you own a furniture shop. And you want to expand it and establish a branch in every big city. What do you need for it?  


You need to know what new designs are in trend in the market, which kind of wood catches the eye of the people and other such details. Whom do you turn into for the suggestions? Your friends? Partner? Well, who knows better about what your customers want?
Now you can’t go to your every customer and ask about their opinion for obvious reasons. So, to help you gather the meaningful information you want without the hustle, survey, and customer satisfaction survey come in handy. And that is why survey applications are the magic bullet for collecting data from your customers.

CViewSurvey works the same. Let me first brief you about CViewSurvey.

online and offline survey app


CViewSurvey is a mobile based survey application that enables users to create customized surveys and evaluate real-time customer experience on their mobiles and tablets anytime, anywhere.

It is an intuitive platform and it works on a proven C.A.A.G. (Collect, Analysis, Act & Grow) model which allows you to collect actionable data, and helps you analyze it in a meaningful way. The CViewSurvey app lets you view your responses graphically and in real-time ensuring 360° assessment and swift action delivery.

Now continuing our above example further,

 What if your customers are in a place where the network is bad, or you are in a remote area, and the survey your customer is taking starts to buffer? Let me fix this scary prospect.

So in this situation, Offline surveys and the best online and offline survey are going to save you from this problem.

And this feature is also present in CViewSurvey. Let’s see what are the features of CViewSurvey and why it is one of the best market solutions for creating surveys.

CViewSurvey Features

1. Suitable for All Types of Businesses

The application is meant for all types of industries and businesses. It caters to the survey and feedback needs of all kinds of industries. With the CViewSurvey app, you can create unlimited customized surveys like healthcare surveys, NPS surveysIT & ITES surveys, Hotel and Restaurants surveys, Education Survey For school,  Events & Entertainment surveys, and Retail & Manufacturing surveys.

2. Personalized Surveys

Knowing about the preferences and issues of your customers and users, you can add the logic feature of CViewSurvey to your surveys which will bifurcate the survey according to your respondents' answers. This will allow you to make better-informed decisions and actions.

3. Online & Offline Mode

CViewSurvey is an online and offline survey application that provides the flexibility to collect data anytime, anywhere. people can collect data offline.

4. Real-Time Reports

You can even filter the responses based on the questions you’ve asked, answers you’ve expected, degree of completeness, and other factors. You can even compare the responses received.

5. No Fear of Losing Data

Losing the data of your customers will create a huge dent in your reputation and the trust that customers have in you. CViewSurvey app works on a SaaS-based model that keeps your unlimited data secure and safe. Our survey app ensures total data security.

6. 360° degree Refined Customer Experience

Create unlimited surveys with the CViewSurvey app and get quick actionable and refined insights anytime, anywhere. Collect data and view its graphical representation in real-time for 360° assessment.

7. Multilingual

One of the most special features of CViewSurvey is that you can create surveys and mobile forms in your local language. This feature is not present in many of the survey applications, but CViewSurvey provides you with the ease to communicate with your users and collect their feedback in any language you want.

Why People should opt for CViewSurvey Over Its Alternatives

With CviewSurvey, the customers get the advantages and can access its various unique features including:

·        Customizable Thank you, SMS

·        Customized Thank you and SMS page

·        Data Export Functionality in Excel, PDF, or CSV)

·        Graphical Report Generation in PDF

·        Responses via URL, Social Share, and QR Code

·        Geofenced Surveys

·        Customizable Data Filter/Filter Attribute

·        Pre-Designed survey Templates

·        Individual User Reports

·        Custom CSS

·        Payment Gateway


CViewSurvey is relatively the cheapest survey application in the market with the best features. It provides its users with the 7 Days FREE TRIAL and a FREE DEMO.

The BASIC price of CViewSurvey starts from Rs.600/month. This means you can create your first survey at such a great price. Isn’t it amazing!!

The PRO plan is Rs.900/month adding some features to the basic plan and the PREMIUM plan is Rs.1500/month with all the features.

I hope we’ve answered your questions, which tool is right for your business?

CViewSurvey is an all-in-one survey app that enables you to create any type of survey with customized templates.

So what are you waiting for: 👇 Click and Try


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